After the Mardi Gras
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After the Mardi Gras

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R.S. Pierpoint
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It takes many strands to braid a rope. Each strand stands alone yet it is strongest as part of the whole. After the Mardi Gras, is woven from smaller pieces. Three pieces. Whatcould have been, what never could be and what should have been. Part 1, Nazareth Twice Told, The Drama's ofDivorce, Alchoholism, College and Spirituality. Then we visit a strange exotic city where a bizarre kidnap plan unfolds. Part 2, The Dark is Always the Same, A Sleeper on a Mountain talks to a Dark Spirit then the Clowns have a Picnic. Part 3, Ratchethead, An Ancient Mariner leaves his home in Portugal and sails into the heart of a Pre-Tennessee Indian Maiden named "Winter Bear". All have one thing in common, a Sinful Old City that sits on the banks of a Grand Murky River.

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