The Autobiography of Ltc John (Jack) H. Adams from 1931 to 2011
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The Autobiography of Ltc John (Jack) H. Adams from 1931 to 2011

Volume 2
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Jack Adams
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This book is an autobiography of my life with my brother, Don from my early years growing up in Washington, D.C. as my mother Bernice Augusta along with my father, John H. Adams Sr. for part of the period nurtured, sacrificed and cared for us with meager funds. After separation from my father, my mother struggled even more and for several years twice sent us to Tulsa, Ok, where we were nurtured and given the utmost love, and learned to honor Jesus Christ by my maternal Grandmother, Minnie Mae Guess, who we affectionately called Mama Dear. Quintessentially my greatest fortune in my life was meeting and marrying Helen, who I met at Howard University. As I reflect back on our 52 years of marriage, she was the catalyst for any career success I had in the military and later in the U.S Government and for writing this book. She loved & adored her four children and a committed worshiper of Jesus Christ. However after her passing, I was again so fortunate to meet a gracious and lovely lady, named Rolando who has also accepted me with all of my imperfections and have made my life complete.
Jack Adams

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