Greed – That Thing That Divides Families
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Greed – That Thing That Divides Families

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Bill Carlisle Jr.
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As anyone with three-quarters of a brain knows, the three top motivators in our society are: Sex, money, and greed for more of the other two. Sex is accompanied by its own greats and grievances, but money... money makes the world go round. Bills compelling story rings true in the hearts of those who have lost their parents and fought with their siblings over the division of their parentsestate. The notion that children raised in the same household who grow up loving one another then ultimately put their wants above their siblings needs has become commonplace, as evidenced in civil and criminal courtrooms across the nation.
Bills tale of love, loss, and gluttonous lawyers takes greed to the extreme. Anyone who has lost a parent, or will lose a parent, will find these pages a wake-up call. Those who believe their last Will and Testament secures their wishes for their children will discover how easily the system can misinterpret those wishes. Read on, learn from Bills experiences, and protect those you love...

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