How to Thrive and Survive as a Working Woman

The Coach-Yourself Toolkit
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Fiona Elsa Dent is a Management Trainer, Leadership Coach and Associate Faculty member at Ashridge. She was a faculty member at Ashridge for 24 years and during her last 10 years held a role on the management team as Director of Executive Education, where she managed a faculty group and contributed to the strategic operation of the organisation.
Viki Holton is a Research Fellow at Ashridge Executive Education, Hult International Business School. She has a degree in Psychology and is a regular speaker at international and national conferences such as the British Academy of Management. She was involved with the Ashridge Centre for Business and Society for over 8 years and her special interests currently are leadership, HR and influence, team coaching, diversity as well as issues around women's careers and women as leaders.
This practical, coach yourself toolkit will help women to reflect, analyse and plan strategies to take charge of their own career journey - taking readers from what they have achieved so far to how they can achieve their career dreams at any level.
Based on new research and years of working with thousands of women managers at Ashridge Business School
INTRODUCTIONChapter 1: Career Audit Chapter 2: Women's Experiences: What They SayChapter 3: Where Are You In Your Career?Chapter 4: Essential Skills and Qualities For Career SuccessChapter 5: Essential Personal Skills and Qualities For Career SuccessChapter 6: Essential Relationship Skills and Qualities For Career SuccessChapter 7: Essential Strategic Skills and Qualities For Career SuccessChapter 8: Essential Career Skills and Qualities For Career SuccessChapter 9: Making It HappenChapter 10: The Current Landscape For Working WomenChapter 11: Conclusion
For many women, a fulfilling and rewarding working life is often more important than achieving a high-flying career. By suggesting practical tools and techniques to help you reflect on, review and assess your needs, this book will enable you to plan for success and satisfaction in your working life.Although many work issues have improved considerably in recent decades, it is clear that women continue to face a range of challenges and barriers in the workplace, any of which can hamper their efforts to succeed. Based on new data from hundreds of surveys and interviews, How to Thrive and Survive as a Working Woman encompasses stories, examples, interviews, strategies and practical exercises. Both instructive and interactive, the book offers insights from the authors' own experience of coaching and working with women across many different sectors, jobs and levels. Focusing on key issues for development and career success, Fiona Elsa Dent and Viki Holton, both faculty members at Ashridge Executive Education, Hult International Business School in the UK, examine these issues in the light of specific challenges facing women at work, including: · - getting started in your career· - dealing with motherhood and a career· - changing career direction· - moving up to senior levels· - lack of confidence· - developing a clear career plan. Providing tips, techniques and approaches, this is the essential handbook for working women of all ages and at all stages of their careers in any industry.

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