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Gender, Crime and Victimisation

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Pamela Davies
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A provoking critical analysis that explores gender patterns in both offending and victimisation.
Gender, Crime and Victimisation is a thoughtful and thought-provoking book, exploring gender patterns in both offending and victimisation. It offers a thorough examination of how these patterns in society are variously established and represented, researched, explained and responded to by policy makers and criminal justice agencies.

Bringing together key theory, research and policy developments, the book combines perspectives on the study of criminology with those of victimology and gender studies - drawing particularly on the influence of feminism. It analyses processes of criminalisation and social control, and their structural biases. It explores fears, anxieties and worries about crime, as well as particular vulnerabilities to crime.

The book employs a range of learning devices to support the student reader, including:

o Chapter overviews

o Case studies and examples

o Study questions

o Further reading at the end of each chapter

o A comprehensive glossary

Comprehensive and robust, Gender, Crime and Victimisation provides a stimulating and topical overview that will appeal to undergraduates,

Introduction: The Gender Agenda to Crime and Victimization

The Gender Agenda to Crime and Victimization

Gender Patterns to Crime and Victimization

Mediated Gender, Crime and Victimization

Feminisms, Ideologies and Research

Feminist and Gendered Perspectives

Explaining and Theorizing Offending and Victimization

Feminist and Gendered Perspectives

On Fear, Risk and Vulnerability to Victimization

Gender and the Criminal Justice System: Responses to Lawbreakers

Gender and Responses to Victimization

Challenges to Understanding Crime and Victimization through Gender

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