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Key Concepts in Nursing

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Elizabeth Mason-Whitehead
SAGE Key Concepts series
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Provides snapshot definitions of concepts which all nursing students and practitioners need to know.
Nursing can be complex and challenging to new students and trainee practitioners. Key Concepts in Nursing provides a much needed guide to the central topics and debates which shape nursing theory, policy and contemporary practice. From assessment to ethics, and leadership to risk management, the book offers a comprehensive yet concise guide to the professional field.

Each entry features:

" a snapshot definition of the concept;

" a broader discussion addressing the main issues and links to practice;

" key points relevant to the entry;

" case studies to illustrate the application to practice;

" examples of further reading.

Highly readable, with clear indexing and cross referencing, this is an ideal book for trainees to turn to for learning more about key issues in nursing practice and education. It meets the validation requirements of all training programmes and will also be invaluable for nurses continuing their professional education, those returning to practice and for mentoring.

Accountability - Mike Thomas

Advocacy - Moyra A. Baldwin

Assessment - Victoria Ridgway

Autonomy - Jill McCarthy

Biological Determinants of Need - Jan Woodhouse

Caring - Pat Rose

Clinical Governance - Linda Meredith and Ian Pierce-Hayes

Common Sense - Sue Phillips

Communication - Geoff Astbury

Compassion - Carole Capper

Competence - Andrea McLaughlin

Confidence - Carole Capper

Coping - Tom Mason

Crisis Management - Jan Barton

Data, Information, Knowledge - Adam Keen

Dignity - Victoria Ridgway

Diversity - Julie Bailey-McHale

Educator - Jean Mannix and Annette Mcintosh

Empathy - Tom Donovan

Empowerment - Ann Bryan

Environment - Elizabeth Mason-Whitehead

Equality - Mary Malone

Ethics - Alison Hobden

Evidence-Based Practice - Margaret Edwards

Feedback - Irene Cooke

Guilt - John Struthers

Holistic Care - Kay Byatt

Inequalities in Health - Alison While

Leadership - Geoff Watts

Manager - Jenni Templeman and Heather Cooper

Managing Change - Linda Meredith

Managing Technology - Neil Hosker and Peter Hinman

Mentoring - Helen Carr and Janice Gidman

Nurturing - Frances Wilson and Jan Woodhouse

Pain - Paul Barber

Problem-Solving - Jane Quigley

Professional Development - Maureen Wilkins and Annette Mcintosh

Realism - Cathy Thompson

Record Keeping - Anne Waugh

Reflection - Janice Gidman and Jean Mannix

Rehabilitation - Sandra Flynn

Relationship between the Individual and Society - Andy Lovell

Researcher - Peter Bradshaw

Respect - Moyra A. Baldwin

Risk Management - Bob Heyman

Role Model - Dianne Phipps

Sense of Humour - John Struthers

Team Work - Alan Gee

User Involvement - Julie Dulson

Value - Tony Warne and Sue Mcandrew

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