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Constructing History 11-19

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Hilary Cooper
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This book describes and exemplifies, through detailed case-studies, strategies for teaching history across the 11-19 age range in rigorous and enjoyable ways.
This book describes and exemplifies strategies for teaching history across the 11-19 age range in rigorous and enjoyable ways. It illustrates active learning approaches embedded in pupil-led enquiries, through detailed case studies which involve students in planning and carrying out historical enquiries, creating accounts and presenting them to audiences, in ways that develop increasingly sophisticated historical thinking.

The case studies took place in a number of different localities and show how practising teachers worked with pupils during each year from Y6/7 to Y 13 to initiate, plan and implement enquiries and to present their findings in a variety of ways.

Each case study is a practical example which teachers can use as a model and modify for their own contexts, showing how independent learning linked to group collaboration and peer assessment can enhance learning. Social constructivist theories of learning applied to historical thinking underpin the book, with particular emphasis on links between personalised and collaborative learning and e-learning.

Introduction: Constructing History 11-19 - Arthur Chapman

Year 5/6 and Year 7 Historians Visit Brougham Castle - Hilary Cooper and Liz West

Bringing the History Curriculum to Life for Year 8/9 - Jon Nichol

Towards Independent Learning in History: Year 10 - Joanne Philpott, Johannes Ahrenfelt and Terry Haydn

Documentaries, Causal Linking and Hyper-linking for AS Students - Arthur Chapman and Jane Facey

Advancing History post-16: E-learning, Collaboration and Assessment - Arthur Chapman and Barbara Hibbert

Afterword - Hilary Cooper

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