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A Critical Introduction
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Chris Hackley
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An unrivalled and entertaining introduction to the essentials of critical theory in marketing
`I see this book as an important addition to the marketing literature. A weakness in critical approaches to marketing is that they are often not made easily accessible to undergraduate students. Chris Hackley has done a wonderful job in producing a rigorous text that remedies this situation and makes critical perspectives accessible to all′ - Professor Rob Lawson, University of Otago


Does marketing really work for organizations, managers and citizens? How can marketing management be studied and practised critically?


This key text introduces the essentials of critical thinking within the field of marketing in easy to read and understandable terms. Integrating critical perspectives with the topics of the typical marketing curriculum, Chris Hackley has produced an indispensable supporting text for upper level, undergraduate and postgraduate Marketing courses. A wide range of issues are covered including:


- Historical origins and influences in marketing

- Introduction to the concepts of Critical Theory

- Marketing ‘orientation’ and the marketing ‘mix’

- Critique of marketing principles

- Marketing and strategy

- The role of research in marketing

- Marketing and managerial ideology

- Marketing ethics


Each chapter includes Chapter Review questions, Case studies reflecting issues in the chapters, along with supporting case questions and reflections, as well as stimulating practical examples.


Marketing Studies

The Critical Standpoint

Origins and Institutions of Marketing Studies

Marketing Studies and Managerial Ideology

The Marketing Mix and the Challenge of Cultural Branding

The Strategy Discourse and Marketing Studies

Research, Theory and Resistance in Marketing Studies

The `Real World′ of Marketing as Literary Construction

Consumer Rationality, Critical Theory and Ethics

Three Issues for a Critical Marketing Study

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