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Desirable Literacies

Approaches to Language and Literacy in the Early Years
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Jackie Marsh
Published in association with the UKLA
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This book links practical ideas to theory and research to eplore the ways children learn to communicate
What are the ways in which young children learn to communicate? Collating their extensive experience of language and literacy in the early years, the contributors explore key aspects of this topic, linking practical ideas for early years settings and classrooms to relevant theory and research.

This second edition is updated to take into account important developments in research, policy and practice, and now covers the 0-8 age range. It also addresses developments in new media and the impact this has upon literacy in young children, and offers chapters on new areas which have emerged in recent years, such as multimodality, media literacy, creative arts and literacy.

Explored in the book are:

- the relationship between play and literacy;

- the role environmental print has in early literacy development;

- the language and literacy development of young bilinguals;

- ideas, suggestions and justifications for the use of poetry;

- a two-year research project, funded by Creative Partnerships; and

- key issues relating to family literacy.

Introduction - Jackie Marsh and Elaine Hallet

Learning to talk, talking to learn - Jim McDonagh and Sue McDonagh

Living in two worlds: The language and literacy development of young bilinguals - Naomi Flynn

White cars like mice with little legs: Poetry in the early years - Liz Stone and Julia Gillen

Signs and symbols: Environmental print - Elaine Hallet

Early Reading Development - Guy Merchant

Developing writing in the early years - Ann Browne

Multimodal Literacies - Rosie Flewitt

Looking with a different eye: Creativity and literacy in the early years - Kate Pahl

Play, drama and literacy in the early years - Julie Dunn

ICT and literacy - Tim Waller

Media iteracy in the early years - Jackie Marsh

Family literacy - past and present - Viv Bird

Going fishing: observing, assessing and planning for literacy development in young children - Fran Paffard

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