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How Children Learn

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Sean MacBlain
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Going beyond simply understanding the work of key theorists, this book helps the reader comprehend and recognize what learning actually looks like and how to best facilitate it in any setting. The exercises, real-life examples and chapter summaries in the book make this an accessible course text.

Understanding How Children Learn is a vital part of working with children. Every child is unique and understanding differences in learning helps all to benefit.

This book goes beyond simply understanding the work of key theorists and the various theories of learning to recognise what learning actually looks like and how it is best facilitated in any setting.

Each chapter includes:

  • Exercises to help you evaluate your understanding and practice

  • Examples taken from real experiences to illustrate concepts beyond the theory

  • Summaries to help you take the key messages from each chapter

  • Suggestions for further reading to help push your own learning further.

Looking at key topics such as brain development, technology in childhood and barriers to learning, this book will explain what learning really is.

Why not also have a look at the companion title Learning Theories in Childhood to explore the key learning theories?

Sean MacBlain is Reader in Child Development and Disability at the University of St. Mark & St. John, Plymouth.


What is Learning?

Learning Theories in Action

Thinking and Learning in the Early Years

Learning in the Family

Learning and Schooling

Intelligence and Learning

The Emotionally Intelligent Learner

Additional Support Needs and Learning

Communities of Learning

Future Learning

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