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Understanding Teaching and Learning in Primary Education

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This book helps trainee teachers develop the professional skills, knowledge and understanding they need in order to be an excellent primary school teacher.

This textbook supports your initial teacher education by providing guidance and insight into the professional knowledge and understanding, skills and abilities, and values and commitments necessary in order to succeed in the primary classroom.

Coverage includes:

  • View from practice boxes in every chapter exploring real-life examples of intelligent and engaging teaching in schools

  • Thinking points and reflective questions challenging you to engage critically with what you have read and apply it to your own teaching

  • Links to further reading connecting you to specialised literature on every chapter topic

  • Clear discussion of education policy differences across the UK.

Mike Carroll is the PGDE (Primary and Secondary) Programme Leader and Director of the MEd Professional Learning and Enquiry programme in the School of Education, University of Glasgow.  Margaret McCulloch is a University Teacher within the School of Education, University of Glasgow.

The context for primary education in the twenty-first century - Mike Carroll and Margaret McCulloch

Childhood and diversity - Julie McAdam and Evelyn Arizpe

Early years education - Mary Wingrave

Models of teaching and learning - Mike Carroll

Planning for learning and teaching in the primary classroom - Maureen Farrell and A. Graeme Pate

Social and emotional contexts for learning - Margaret McCulloch

Identity, relationships and behaviour - George Head

Developing a capacity for learning - Vivienne Baumfield

Collaborative learning - Mike Carroll

Interdisciplinary learning - Mike Carroll and Fiona McGregor

Creating challenge in the classroom - Margaret Sutherland and Niamh Stack

Assessment for learning - Louise Hayward and Ernest Spencer

Education for global citizenship and sustainable development - Alan Britton

Spiritual development - Leonardo Franchi and Leon Robinson

Teaching for creativity and creative teaching - Moyra Boland, Margaret Jago and Jan MacDonald

Digital learning - Stephen Boyle and David McKinstry

Transitions - George MacBride and Margaret McCulloch

Working with other adults - Mike Carroll

Working together: improvement through practitioner enquiry - Beth Dickson and Irene McQueen

Leadership for learning: the evolving role of the primary teacher - Christine Forde and Margery McMahon

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