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The Complete Handbook of Coaching

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A definitive resource for coaching trainees and practitioners that covers the full range of approaches, settings and contexts.

This second edition provides the most comprehensive guide to the field of coaching, exploring a range of coaching theories and approaches, genres and settings, and professional issues. It supports trainees and professionals to identify and develop a personal style of coaching.

Its three parts cover:

  • The theoretical traditions underpinning coaching such as cognitive-behavioural, Gestalt and existential

  • Contexts and genres such as life, executive, peer, team and career coaching

  • Professional issues such as ethics, supervision, continuing professional development, standards and mental-health issues.

Written by leading international authors, each chapter makes links between theory and practice and includes discussion questions to facilitate reflection on the topic, further reading suggestions, and case studies. This new edition includes completely revised and updated chapters throughout, an additional emphasis on cross-cultural coaching and new chapters on Health and Wellness Coaching and Researching Coaching.

The handbook is a unique resource that has helped thousands of practitioners and trainees from a variety of professions and multi-disciplinary backgrounds, including health, education, business and management and psychology, throughout their coaching career.

Introduction - Tatiana Bachkirova, Elaine Cox and David Clutterbuck

Theoretical Perspectives

The Psychodynamic approach to coaching - Graham Lee

Cognitive-behavioural coaching - Helen Williams, Nick Edgerton and Stephen Palmer

The Solution-focused approach to coaching - Michael Cavanagh and Anthony Grant

The Person-centred approach to coaching - Stephen Joseph

The Gestalt approach to coaching - Peter Bluckert

Existential coaching - Ernesto Spinelli

Ontological coaching - Alan Sieler

Narrative coaching - David Drake

Psychological Development in adulthood and coaching - Tatiana Bachkirova

The Transpersonal approach to coaching - John Rowan

The Positive Psychology approach to coaching - Ilona Boniwell, Carol Kauffman and Jordan Silberman

Transactional Analysis and coaching - Trudi Newton and Rosemary Napper

The NLP approach to coaching - Bruce Grimley

Contexts and Genres

Skills and Performance Coaching - Bob Tschannen-Moran

Developmental Coaching - Elaine Cox and Peter Jackson

Transformational Coaching - Peter Hawkins and Nick Smith

Executive and Leadership Coaching - Jon Stokes and Richard Jolly

The Manager as Coach - Andrea Ellinger, Rona Beattie and Bob Hamlin

Team Coaching - David Clutterbuck

Peer Coaching - Rick Ladyshewsky

Life Coaching - Anthony Grant and Michael Cavanagh

Health and Wellness Coaching - Margaret Moore and Erica Jackson

Career Coaching - Bruce Hazen and Nicole A. Steckler

Cross Cultural Coaching - a Paradoxical Perspective - Geoffrey Abbott

Mentoring in a Coaching World - Bob Garvey

Professional Practice Issues

The Future of Coaching as a Profession - David Lane, Reinhard Stelter and Sunny Stout Rostron

Coaching Supervision - Peter Hawkins

Coaching and Mental Health - Michael Cavanagh and Andrew Buckley

Continuing Professional Development for Coaches - Dianne Stober

Ethics in Coaching - Diane Brennan and Leni Wildflower

Researching Coaching - Annette Fillery-Travis and Elaine Cox

Conclusion - Tatiana Bachkirova, David Clutterbuck and Elaine Cox

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