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Coaching and Mentoring for Business

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Grace McCarthy
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′I like this book because it is a smooth read with a good critical and questioning  line throughout. There are some innovations, for example, two leadership chapters,  a very interesting chapter on ethics and some well-constructed vignettes to ponder on. If you are interested in  Coaching and Mentoring for Business, buy it now, you won’t be disappointed!′
- Bob Garvey, York St John University Business School

Coaching and Mentoring for Business seeks to go beyond the vast body of skills-based literature that dominates the study of coaching and mentoring and focus on the contribution that coaching can make to the implementation of human resource strategy and organizational strategy.

Grace McCarthy includes an introduction to coaching and mentoring theory, then goes on to look at coaching and mentoring skills, and how they may be applied in relation to individual change, coaching and mentoring for leaders and by leaders, coaching and mentoring for strategy, innovation and organisational change, as well as coaching and mentoring in cross-cultural and virtual contexts. Coaching and Mentoring for Business also explores ethical issues in coaching and mentoring before concluding with the evaluation of success in coaching and mentoring and a discussion of emerging issues.

Key Features:

  • Vignettes to help readers consolidate their learning by illustrating real life situations

  • Web links to useful academic and professional resources

  • A companion website with PowerPoint slides, a lecturer′s guide and self-assessment quizzes available

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Coaching and mentoring theory and models

Chapter 3: Coaching and mentoring skills

Chapter 4: Coaching and mentoring for individual change

Chapter 5: Coaching and mentoring for leaders

Chapter 6: Coaching and mentoring by leaders

Chapter 7: Coaching and mentoring for strategy

Chapter 8: Coaching and mentoring for innovation

Chapter 9: Coaching and mentoring for organisational change

Chapter 10: Cross-cultural and virtual coaching and mentoring

Chapter 11: Ethical issues in coaching and mentoring

Chapter 12: Success in coaching and mentoring

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