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Qualitative Methodology

A Practical Guide
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Jane Mills
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Helping students to easily compare and select qualitative methods, this new introduction from expert authors is a practical guide to the research process
Fresh, insightful and clear, this exciting textbook provides an engaging introduction to the application of qualitative methodology in the real world.  

Expert researchers then trace the history and philosophical underpinnings of different methodologies, explore the specific demands each places upon the researcher and robustly set out relevant issues surrounding quality and rigor.   Featured methodologies include action research, discourse analysis, ethnography, grounded theory, case studies and narrative inquiry.  

This practical book provides a helpful guide to the research process - it introduces the relevant methods of generating, collecting and analysing data for each discrete methodology and then looks at best practice for presenting findings. This enables new researchers to compare qualitative methods and to confidently select the approach most appropriate for their own research projects.  

Key features include:

  • Summary table for each chapter - allowing quick checks to test knowledge

  • ′Window into′ sections - real world examples showing each methodology in action

  • Student activities

  • Learning objectives

  • Full glossary

  • Annotated suggestions for further reading

  • Links to downloadable SAGE articles

  • Links to relevant websites and organizations

This is an invaluable resource for students and researchers across the social sciences and a must-have guide for those embarking on a research project.

An Introduction To Qualitative Research Designs

Practical Philosophy

Methodology: The Blueprint for Qualitative Research

Action Research

Discourse Analysis


Grounded Theory

Historical Research

Case Study

Narrative Inquiry


Writing Your Formal Proposal

Quality in Qualitative Research

A New Era of Qualitative Research

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