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Emotions and Social Relations

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Ian Burkitt
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A critical and thought-provoking exploration of the sociology of emotion from a leading name in the field. It will be of interest to students and researchers of sociology, social psychology and indeed anyone engaged with the recent ′turn to affect′ in the social sciences.
"A thoughtful, scholarly yet accessible account of emotion that speaks to current debates associated with the ‘affective turn’ in disciplines including sociology, cultural studies, geography and psychology... invaluable for anyone wanting to understand contemporary engagements with affect, emotion and feeling."
- John Cromby, Loughborough University

"A lucid, engaging, and thoroughly insightful review of current social scientific thinking on emotions in social life by a leading scholar in the field... The book is sure to become essential reading for both students and researchers interested in emotion"

- Jason Hughes, University of Leicester

"A masterful exposition of the links between emotions and social relations... Empirically rich and theoretically deep, this is a highly readable book.

- Svend Brinkmann, University of Aalborg

This book is a compelling and timely addition to the study of emotions, arguing that emotion is a response to the way in which people are embedded in patterns of relationship, both to others and to significant social and political events or situations. Going beyond the traditional discursive understanding of emotions, Burkitt investigates emotions as a complex and dynamic phenomenon that includes the whole self, body and mind, but which always occur in relation to others.
Introduction: Feeling and Emotion as Patterns of Relationship

Emotions in Historical and Cultural Relations

Emotions and the Body

Emotions, the Body and Neuroscience

Emotion, Reason and Self-Reflection

Emotional Labour and Feeling Rules

Emotions and Power Relations

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