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Creative Teaching in Primary Science

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Roger L. Cutting
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This book helps student teachers learn how to adopt a creative approach to teaching primary science by discussing key aspects of science teaching and how creative approaches can be developed and embedded appropriately.

Creative teaching has the potential to inspire deep learning, using inventive activities and stimulating contexts that can capture the imagination of children. This book enables you to adopt a creative approach to the methods and content of your primary science teaching practice and confidently develop as a science educator.

Key aspects of science teaching are discussed, including:

  • planning for teaching and learning

  • assessing primary science

  • cross-curricular approaches

  • the intelligent application of technology

  • sustainability education 

  • outdoor learning

Coverage is supported by illustrative examples, encouraging you to look at your own teaching practice, your local community and environment, your own interests and those of your children to deepen your understanding of what constitutes good science teaching in primary schools.

This is essential reading for students on primary initial teacher education courses, on both university-based (BEd, BA with QTS, PGCE) and schools-based (School Direct, SCITT) routes into teaching. 

Dr Roger Cutting is an Associate Professor in Education at the Institute of Education at Plymouth University.
Orla Kelly is a Lecturer in Social, Environmental and Scientific Education in the Church of Ireland College of Education.

Introducing creative science

Misconceptions and enabling conceptual change in science

Pedagogical approaches and the teaching of science

The importance of teacher knowledge in science

Planning and assessing creative approaches in science

Working scientifically

Getting creative with technology in science

Art and design and creative science

Creative science through drama and storytelling

Sustainability and primary science

Teaching science outside the classroom

The science of health and wellbeing

Teaching controversial issues in science

A science of equality

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