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Learning, Teaching and Development

Strategies for Action
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Lyn Ashmore
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A best-practice guide to teaching in the further education and skills sector, and in professional organizational learning contexts, this volume examines the key concepts underpinning effective teaching and learning.

This best practice guide to teaching in the Further Education and Skills sector, and professional organisational learning contexts, examines the key concepts underpinning effective teaching and learning and combines this with case studies which demonstrate meaningful connections between theory and practice.

Each chapter also contains discussion questions, learning activities and reflective points, allowing you to further engage with key research and relate it to your own teaching.

Offering pragmatic advice on learning design, support and delivery, coverage includes:

  •         Identifying learning needs and objectives

  •         Selecting and developing appropriate content

  •         Using technology to enhance learning

  •         Assessment, evaluation and reflection

This is an indispensable resource for anyone preparing to teach in Further Education, current Higher Education lecturers and work-based learning trainers in private and public-sector organisations.

Lyn Ashmore is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education and Professional Development and Denise Robinson is Director of the Post Compulsory Education & Training Consortium, both are based at the University of Huddersfield.

Introduction - Lyn Ashmore & Denise Robinson

Identifying Learning needs - Ian Rushton & Martyn Walker

Specifying learning objectives - Nena Skrbic & Jane Burrows

Selecting appropriate and relevant content - Ian Rushton & Anne Temple Clothier

Using Metaphors in teaching, training and learning - Mohammed Karolia

Designing learning delivery - Louise Mycroft & Jane Weatherby

Preparation and delivery of learning - Wayne Bailey & Mohammed Karolia

Evaluating and assessing learning - Glenys Richardson & Alison Iredale

Using technology to enhance learning - Cheryl Reynolds & Shailesh Appukuttan

Reflective practice and CPD - Kevin Orr, Jane Wormald & Kate Lavender

Workforce development and policy issues - Denise Robinson & Lyn Ashmore

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