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Statistical Methods for Geography

A Student’s Guide
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Peter A Rogerson
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Brand-new edition of the essential resource adopted on modules in statistical analysis, statistical methods and quantitative geography worldwide. Now fully integrated with online self-assessment exercises and downloadable data sets.
How do beginning students of statistics for geography learn to fully understand the key concepts and apply the principal techniques? This text, now in its Fourth Edition, provides exactly that resource. Accessibly written, and focussed on student learning, it’s a statistics 101 that includes definitions, examples, and exercise throughout.

Now fully integrated with online self-assessment exercises and video navigation, it explains everything required to get full credits for any undergraduate statistics module:

  • Descriptive statistics, probability, inferential statistics, hypothesis testing and sampling, variance, correlation, regression analysis, spatial patterns, spatial data reduction using factor analysis and cluster analysis.

  • Exercises in the text are complemented with online exercise and prompts that test the understanding of concepts and techniques, additional online exercises review understanding of the entire chapter, relating concepts and techniques.

  • Completely revised and updated for accessibility, including new material (on measures of distance, statistical power, sample size selection, and basic probability) with related exercises and downloadable datasets.

It is the only text required for undergraduate modules in statistical analysis, statistical methods, and quantitative geography.
Introduction to Statistical Methods for Geography

Descriptive Statistics

Probability and Discrete Probability Distributions

Continuous Probability Distributions and Probability Models

Inferential Statistics: Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Testing, and Sampling

Analysis of Variance


Introduction to Regression Analysis

More on Regression

Spatial Patterns

Some Spatial Aspects of Regression Analysis

Data Reduction: Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis


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