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Youth and Crime

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John Muncie
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Providing students with a fully up-to-date and highly authoritative introduction to the area, this new edition now has expanded coverage on contemporary areas such as cyberbullying and the media, takes recent legislative updates into account, and is now accompanied by a student study website

This book provides you with the most comprehensive and authoritative overview of youth crime and youth justice available.


Keeping you abreast of contemporary debates, this fourth edition of Youth and Crime :

  • Includes updated chapters on youth crime discourse and data, youth victimology, youth and social policy, youth justice strategies and comparative and international youth justice, providing a critical analysis of issues such as institutional abuse, child poverty, cyberbullying, child trafficking, international children′s rights and transnational policy transfer.

  • Covers numerous issues raised by the UK coalition government’s law and order and austerity policies including ages of criminal responsibility, the ‘rehabilitation revolution’, ‘troubled families’, abolition of antisocial behaviour orders (ASBOs), initiatives in gangs, gun and knife crime, responses to the August 2011 riots, prospects for restorative justice and reductions in child imprisonment.

  • Keeps you up to date with contemporary research into explanations of youth crime, youth and media, youth cultures, youth unemployment and training programmes, and youth justice policies and takes into account recent legislative reform.

  • Features a new companion website, featuring links to journal articles, relevant websites, blogs and government reports.

Complete with chapter outlines, summary boxes, key terms, study questions, further reading lists, web-based resources and a glossary, this is the textbook to take you through your studies in youth and crime. 

Youth Crime: Representations, Discourses and Data

Histories of Youth and Crime

Explaining Youth Crime I: Positivist Criminologies

Explaining Youth Crime II: Radical and Realist Criminologies

Youth Victimology

Youth Cultures, Cultural Studies and Cultural Criminology

Youth and Social Policy: Control, Regulation and Governance

Youth Justice Strategies I: Welfare and Justice

Youth Justice Strategies II: Prevention and Punishment

Comparative and International Youth Justice

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