Successful Teaching
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Successful Teaching

What Every Novice Teacher Needs to Know
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David Schwarzer
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This edited volume provides novice teachers with a practical guide to help them transition from teacher education students to independent, reflective and autonomous classroom teachers.
This edited volume provides novice teachers with a practical guide to help them transition from teacher education students to independent, reflective and autonomous classroom teachers. It also serves as a scaffolding tool for mentor teachers assigned to support novice teachers during their first years in the field. Novice teachers can use this comprehensive resource as a way to connect the overarching conceptual themes and big ideas from their Teacher Education courses to their classroom practices. This book is designed to encourage novice teachers to make more intentional and pedagogically sound decisions during their beginning teaching experiences, whether it is fieldwork observations, student teaching, or the first years in the classroom.

The book covers a variety of issues, including: getting to know your students, families and communities; curriculum development; and pedagogical decisions. Each of these sections contain specific chapters devoted to a particular concept such as assessment, instruction for diversity, integrating technology across the curriculum, action research and more. This book serves as a bridge between pedagogical theory and the realities of the 21st century classroom.

David Schwarzer and Jaime Grinberg
Section I – Getting to Know Your Students, Families, and Communities
Chapter 1: Connecting Students' Cultural Expressions to the Curriculum
Danne Davis
Chapter 2: It Takes a Village: Families, Contexts, and Diversity
Katia Goldfarb, Jaime Grinberg, and Sejal Rana
Chapter 3: Shifting the Locus of Control: Five Strategies for Creating a 21st Century Student Centered Classroom
Mayida Zaal & Maheen Ahmad
Chapter 4: Keys to Accessible Instruction for Students with Disabilities
Jennifer Goeke, Pohun Chen, and Niobel Torres
Chapter 5: Planning Instructions for English Learners: Strategies Teachers Need to Know
Mayra C. Daniel
Section II – Curriculum Development
Chapter 6: Engaging Students through Interdisciplinary Lessons and Units
Sandra Rodriguez-Arroyo and Melanie Bloom
Chapter 7: Shaping Effective Learning Through Student Engagement
Susan Wray
Chapter 8: Developing Academic Literacy: What Novice Teachers Can Learn from the Case of Teaching Latino/Bilingual Learners Science and Mathematics
Sandra Musanti and Sandra Mercuri
Chapter 9: Using Traditional Assessments to Effectively Inform Your Teaching
Nicole Barnes and Charity Dacey
Chapter 10: Authentic Performance Assessments
Charity Dacey and Nicole Barnes
Chapter 11: Making "IT" Meaningful: Intentional Technology Integration through TPACK
Christopher Luke
Section III – Pedagogical Decisions
Chapter 12: No One Gets Left Behind: Grouping Students with Intention, Skill, and Responsiveness
David Keiser and Anne Lockwood
Chapter 13: Developing, Implementing, and Assessing Problem Based Learning
Stephanie Curtis, Joseph DiGiacomo, and Vincent Walencik
Chapter 14: Creating a Dialogical Learning Community to Promote Dialogical Teaching and Learning
Jaime Grinberg, David Schwarzer, and Michael Molino
Chapter 15: Fostering a Scientific Approach to Teaching and Learning: Deductive and Inductive Teaching
Helenrose Fives and Melissa Susnosky
Chapter 16: Collaboration in the Inclusive Classroom
Jennifer Goeke, Pohun Chen, and Niobel Torres
Section IV – Putting it All Together
Chapter 17: “Where do I start?” - Guiding Novice Teachers to Improve Their Practice Through Self-Reflection and Action Research
Mary Petron and Barburhan Uzum
Afterword: Using the Master Checklist in a Masterful Way
David Schwarzer
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