Stories That Warm the Heart
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Stories That Warm the Heart

Three Short Tales
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Robert A. Pauker
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William, the Puppet Master, and Delbert, each different in his own way, are all controlled by their fears. But when unforeseen events provide them with the chance to escape their emotional bonds, they must first confront the torments of their pasts.
William, a star seventh grader, just wishes he could escape the disappointed voice of his deceased father. Mortified when he sees his only friend tortured by a bully, William is frozen with fear. Driven by personal shame for years, he finally does something out of character that
changes everything.

A puppet master, consumed by his memories, is happiest when his marionettes transport his heart to another placeuntil he hears a tiny voice calling for help.

Delbert is the loneliest person he knows. As he desperately searches to find some meaning in his desolate life, he is forced to shed the burdensome chains of his childhood in order to escape his internal prison.

In this compelling trio of tales, three people struggling with vulnerability and personal demons attempt to understand their spirits and resolve their inner conflicts as they learn to surrender to fate.

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