Suppression of the Muslims
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Suppression of the Muslims

Us Policy and the Muslim World
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Mohammed Ashraful Haque
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From a historical viewpoint, this political science study considers the hypocritical US policies toward Muslim countries and the ways in which they affect Muslims perception of the West.
Islam is a religion of peace, but all over the world Muslims are often portrayed as terrorists. In Suppression of the Muslims, author Mohammed Ashraful Haque offers a consideration of the tense relationship between the United States and the Muslim world.

He discusses, from a historical and political viewpoint, the hypocritical US policies toward Muslim countries, demonstrating the ways in which they affect Muslims perception of the West. Haque argues that the US policy has always been an attempt to weaken the Muslim countries. Suppression of the Muslims analyzes his theory against the backdrop of:

- The misunderstanding between Islam and the West;

- CIA activities in Muslim countries;

- The breaking up of Pakistan;

- Military dictators in Muslim countries;

- Politics in South Asia;

- The emergence of Bangladesh; and

- The Iraq war.

Haque provides an explanation of the background of Islam and Muslims and considers the ways in which they are often misunderstood and unfairly persecuted because of their beliefs, along with how this plays out in the rest of the world, especially the United States.

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