A Family of Geese
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A Family of Geese

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Mother Goose wants to take her newly hatched daughters to the lake. But there is only one problem: there is one egg left to hatch. After she asks a nervous uncle to watch the egg while she is gone, Mother Goose waddles off with Angelina, Georgina, Evelina, and Cristina in tow. Moments later, a baby gosling enters the world, looks at his anxious uncle, and chirps, Im hungry! After Mother Goose and her daughters enjoy a lovely swim and nap, they return to find a new addition to their family. Little Rufus, named after his father, proudly shows off his independence by not doing anything his mother asks. But Mother Goose will not give up on her new baby. Rufus must learn how to eat, swim, and follow in a line with his sisters before he can become a grown-up goose!
A Family of Geese offers a charming glimpse into the lives of a Canada goose family during their daily activities as a little gosling finds his place in the world.

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