Luke Warm
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Luke Warm

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Hope Lynne Price
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It is becoming more and more difficult for Shelby Reed to ignore the mounting restlessness brewing inside. Caught in the throes of a midlife crisis, disenchanted with her marriage and bored to death with the superficial junk that fills up her life, an unhappy Shelby hides behind the picket fence of her perfect lukewarm life. Desperate for a change,Shelby is coaxedinto jumpstartingher career after a fourteen year hiatus. She thinks her new job will be the answer to her growing restlessness, but insteadfinds her answer in the arms ofan arresting stranger that reawakens her soul and reignites her libido. Shelby walks head on into an intoxicating,tumultuous,steamy extra-marital affair thatultimately leaves herwinded and unraveled andwithin an inch of losingnot only herself, but the one thing she holds most precious in life.
In this poignant novel, a middle-aged woman on a frenzied search for satisfaction is forced to confront her demons. It takes the spoon-fed wisdom of a well-seasoned, jazzy, old soul to nurse Shelby back to health and lead her to the road of self discovery where Shelby begins her quest to find authentic happiness.

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