Taking Chancey
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Taking Chancey

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Henry Radoff
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The tiny Lasa-Poo puppy without a name is perfectly happy living in Iowa. But as soon as he is weaned from his mother, he is shipped off to a pet store in Pensacola, Florida. As months go by and one dog after the other disappears around him, the puppy lies in his crate, listens to all of the barking and wonders when someone will finally choose him.
Five-hundred miles away in Houston, Texas, Christmas Eve arrives as a couple packs and prepares to fly to Pensacola for their annual holiday getaway. But when an unexpected trip to the emergency room derails their plans, the couple decides to drive to Florida, arriving just in time for a Christmas day party with their friends. Unaware that fate is leading the way, Marla and Henry end up in a pet store the next day, where they quickly fall in love with a puppy busily scratching his bedding in the back of the crate. A few minutes later, the Lasa-Poo puppy excitedly realized that at last, he has finally found a perfect home.

Taking Chancey is the charming tale of one puppys journey from a lonely crate to the one place he always dreamed ofhis forever home.

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