Arrive by Dusk
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Arrive by Dusk

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Gabrielle F. Culmer
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Widowed at thirty-four, Mindy Croixe is a highly respected and popular artist. Her landscapes and aquatic portraits reflect all of the placesfrom New York to Parisshe had visited with her late husband, Lamont. Embarking on a new and important episode in her life, Mindy is participating in another art show, this one in Saint-Tropez on the Mediterranean Seaa long way from her roots of Crystal Shores.Its here she runs into Blaine ONeill, a friend from way back when in Crystal Shores. Hes in Saint-Tropez for the opening of yet another of his luxury hotels. At thirty-five, Blaine has been successful in building his conglomerate, but not his personal life.
Mindy is conflicted. She and Blaine were friends, good friends. But her late husband had given her so much, and she is still reeling from their life together and what it should have been. Shes not sure she can consider a relationship, not even for an old friend who knows her well.,d.aWc&cad=rja

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