Grandma’s Stories
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Grandma’s Stories

A Collection of Six Children's Stories
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Suad Farsakh Dajani
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Three-year-old Henry loves his school, his family, and more than anything, he wants his teacher and classmates to like him too. But one day when he tells his teacher the reason why he is not hungry, Henry discovers the power of laughter!
Suad F. Dajani relies on her experience teaching preschoolers as she shares a charming collection of six childrens stories sure to entertain, educate, and inspire creativity in the youngest of imaginations. Four-year-old twins who learn the heart is a very important part of the body get to feel the pump, pump, pump of their own hearts! A little girl saddened when the leaves fall off a tree is happy once again after her dad tells her about seasons. A brother and sister fondly remember the lessons their grandfather once taught them. A boy excited to pick up his grandma from the airport soon learns about being safe in crowded places. A son and his mother ride in the car together one day and discover the reason why they must always wear their seatbelts.
Grandmas Stories shares a collection of relatable tales that will encourage children to read, express themselves verbally, and most importantly, respect and care for one another.

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