Escape from the Belfry
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Escape from the Belfry

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Doris Gaines Rapp
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The year is 1945. The horrible war that wrapped the world in torment has come to an endyet the torment of young Adam Shoemaker lives on. His father never came back from battle, and his mother is in the hospital with tuberculosis. Homeless, Adam seeks shelter in the Cranberry Street Church belfry but Adam is not alone.
The belfry is inhabited by strange spirits. One spirit seems to wish good on others, while the demonic shadows mean only harm. Adam hears them both; they whisper to him and give him power. When thieves break into the church one night, Adam is the only witness, but by revealing himself, he would expose his only home.

Adam has a choice. He can listen to the spirit of the belfry and get his family back, or he can side with the shadow beings, who promise justice to the thieves and power he never imagined. Adam feels as though he is being watched, but with the help of new friends, he stays hidden as he fights to decide who he will call on for help. Will he side with the light or the darkness?

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