The Shepherd’S Son
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The Shepherd’S Son

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Stephen M. Hall
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A little boy has been very naughty. After he is caught throwing a stone at a camel, the shepherds son runs into the innkeepers stable and falls crying into the straw. But when he hears the footsteps of the innkeeper approaching, the boy hides behind a mound of hay.
The innkeeper leads a man and his pregnant wife into the stable and leaves the couple aloneor so he thinks. But it is not long before the man and woman discover the boy and coax him out of hiding. Filled with regret, the boy runs straight into the arms of Mary, mother of Jesus, who quietly comforts him as Joseph looks on. As the boy sets out to find his shepherd father, a savior is born.

The Shepherds Son is the beautifully illustrated tale of a frightened little boy who is led by fate and divine direction to find Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, and forgiveness.

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