You Were Born to Be Healthy
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You Were Born to Be Healthy

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Otto Janke
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The United States has the most accessible health care in the world, with the most technology, the most doctors, and the most pharmacies of any country. Even so, Americas population is one of the unhealthiest; it doesnt even rank among the top thirty of the worlds healthiest countries. In You Were Born to Be Healthy, author Dr. Otto Janke takes a close look at our health and shows what can be done to improve the situation.
In this guide, Janke shares the idea that good health is attainable for allthat we were born with the capacity for being healthy. He first examines the state of todays health care and the issues surrounding it. Employing a holistic approach, Janke then introduces and discusses eleven critical steps that can be used on the path to better health, including activity, food choices, rest, posture, love, laughter, and friendships.

Advocating a commonsense approach, You Were Born to Be Healthy communicates you are the key to your own good health. We were all born with the ability to be healthywe just need to unlock it, unleash it, and let it rock.

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