Fluffy’s Book
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Fluffy’s Book

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Gabrille Grande
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Fluffy is an ordinary slipper who loves spending his days keeping a cute little boys chubby foot warm. Proud of his important job, Fluffy patiently waits every morning for his owner to slip him on his foot. But one morning when the boy learns his mommy is making pancakes for breakfast, he loses Fluffy on the way down the stairs. Now Fluffy has to wait on the hard, wooden steps until someone finds him. But who will it be?After the boys big sister knocks him all the way down the steps, Fluffy is terrified when the vacuum roars to life and pushes him into the laundry room where he lays next to dirty clothes and extra bottles of apple juice. Worried about what the little boy will do without him, Fluffy takes an accidental ride in the washing machine, gets tangled in a sheet, and wonders whether he will ever be discovered.
Fluffys Book is the charming tale of a slipper who just wants to be found so he can keep a little boys foot warm once again.

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