I Am a Wish
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I Am a Wish

The Incredibly True Story of the Dandelion
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In a place where sunflowers soak up the sun and have fun, this strange little fuzzy plant gets stuck right in the middle. It floats, spins, and gets in the way of the big bright sun. The sunflowers are curious and wonder what it could be. It is certainly not like any flower they have ever seen. Could it be a weed? The sunflowers are about to find out when the tiny plant suddenly lets the secret out!
In all their lives, none of the sunflowers have heard of a thing called a wishuntil the little plant with lots of hair tells them about the magical secret locked within. The tiny plant is plucked from the ground by a Wisher who barely makes a sound. The Wisher whispers their secret in the tiny plants hair and it gets carried away by the air, it is goes far and wideway across the big blue sky. But it is only when a little girl appears that the sunflowers finally understand how wishes really come true.

In this magical childrens tale, the delightful secret of a wish is revealed by a tiny plant with more power than anyone ever imagined.

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