The Beautiful People of the World
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The Beautiful People of the World

Living a Metaphysical Life
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Pierre de la Pierraz
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It is the purpose of your life to know and discover who you are and what your life is really about. You already have the answers within yourself; you just need to know how to find them. The Beautiful People of the World aims to help you rediscover what you have never lost, reconnect with that inner wisdom, and have a profound relationship with it.
Filled with ideas about the next great leap in the advancement of consciousness and evolution of mankind, The Beautiful People of the World can help you realize and understand the true purpose of your life. You can

rediscover and nurture your inner treasures so you can become everything you were meant to be;

validate your intuitive knowledge of certain things you knew in a distant era, have forgotten, and are longing to rediscover;

reconnect to that precious place;

live from your authentic self; and

use Sapir yoga as a powerful, natural method to get a glimpse of the true consciousness.

Inspired by messages author Pierre de la Pierraz received from animal-like forms in old wood that he would shape into what became trolls, The Beautiful People of the World communicates how you can transform your life and become a channel for that creative energy, love, and peace.

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