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It’S Raining Uber

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Jasmine Jean-Pierre
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Rain or shine, they will always be best friends, and since one loves the rain and the other loves the sun, the friends agree for one day that they will try to enjoy what the other loves to do most.
Cloudy Rain loves to do cartwheels, backflips and splash puddles in the rain. But not Rain Forrest, he hates the rain. He doesnt want to play in it, nor go outside when it pours down from the highest clouds in the sky, and he certainly doesnt want his soggy friend close by when hes been soaked by the rain. Yet, on any sunny day, its Rain Forrest whose brightness shines.

He doesnt want a shady old oak tree, a big beach umbrella, or creamy creams. He simply wants to bake in the sun until he glows like Saturn because according to him the sun is the mother who tans me.

Cloudy Rain fulfills his part of the agreement. While the best friends have many exciting and life changing adventures that will test just how strong their friendship really is, Rain Forrest hasnt stepped up to fulfill his end of the agreement.

When the best friends are separated by one of their adventures, and theres a possibility they will never reunite, Rain Forrest steps up, and he takes the biggest of leaps to search for his best friend.

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