The Piglys and the Hundred-Year Mystery
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The Piglys and the Hundred-Year Mystery

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Mary Coons
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In 1873, Persistence P. Pigly builds a beautiful brick home on the top of Pigville Hill that houses wonderful dreams. But as one disaster after another befalls Mr. Piglys mansion, it slowly becomes nothing more than dusty remains of a time long forgotten. Even the rumors that there is a treasure buried somewhere within the house begin to fade away.
Decades after the mansions glory days, three intrepid pigsParker, Elsa, and Annabelle Piglyfind themselves fighting a century-old curse on their family, a plot against Pigville, and a weapon with the potential to burn down their entire town. Determined not to surrender to the Curse of the Piglys, the trio of pigs embark on a perilous path through the past, hoping to reclaim their honor and restore their family fortune. But it is not long before they discover that their towns history has been rewritten and that brute force has been exerted to keep the Piglys from receiving what is rightly theirs.

In this charming childrens mystery tale, three pigs must rely on a book of antique poetry and their beliefs as they courageously battle a modern-day villain determined to destroy their town.

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