Listen Without Your Ears
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Listen Without Your Ears

The Road Ahead
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Joe Gwerder
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In this book you will read about common life experiences. You will quickly learn of the uncommon approach by the author. There are many examples offered and questions asked. Much of this information has been received via a strong intuitive process. There may be many surprises along the way that have you contemplating your approach to the world. Without college degrees or religious protocol, this author has learned to listen to a much more reliable source. The human condition is changing and it involves everyone, including you. With an open mind and an open heart, you will be placing yourself in a position to listen to your own intuition. Do not keep yourself in our current standard of only following the latest trend or relying on the experts. Our world is not going to end. It is changing and moving in directions that allow all of us a much more desirable experience should we choose. You are not as far away from knowing how to listen to those intuitive thoughts and feelings as you might think. This book is delivered directly from such a place. You will find clarity in these chapters that will cause you to gain understanding and control unlike anything you have known.

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