A Superhero for God
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A Superhero for God

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Rosemary Broadway
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Many little boys yearn to be superheroes with powers that let them fight what is bad and work for what is good. One ordinary Sunday morning, one little boy is turned into a superhero for Godright before his grandmamas eyes!
During a childrens sermon in church, the little boy responds to a question the pastor asks about the way she is dressed by blurting out, You arent wearing your feet! Even as the little boy secretly wishes he could take back his words, the pastor is already thinking about all the times she has not worn her feet when she should have. She uses his words to create a powerful, important message to be sent to many people. Though he is unaware of it, the little boy is transformed into a superhero. One small action really can lead to giant steps for good.

Based on the true account of a little boys embarrassing blunder, this inspirational story for all ages is a gentle reminder of Gods love, forgiveness, and mission for all of us.

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