D’Orsay’S Story
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D’Orsay’S Story

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D’Orsay Logan
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Though her beginnings were no more glamorous than most, author DOrsay Logan accomplished some amazing things throughout her lifefrom raising seven accomplished children to seeing the world. In DOrsays Story, she tells about the events that shaped who she has become.
Filled with intimate details, this memoir starts with her birth in April of 1950 and includes accounts of growing up with her brothers and sisters, being brutally assaulted at age thirteen, getting married at sixteen while still a senior in high school, becoming a jockey in her early twenties, earning a nursing degree in her forties, and overcoming an addiction to alcohol. DOrsay also shares stories of worldwide travels, during which she learned to skydive, swam in Loch Ness, stood in front of Stonehenge, and lived in African jungles.

DOrsay narrates a wide range of experiences from her lifethe good, the bad, the sad, and the exhilarating. Intriguing and inspiring, DOrsays Story communicates the message that life presents opportunities to overcome hardships and anything is possible.

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