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The Trap and the Trip

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Charlene Townsend
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On an enchanted mountain full of ancient secrets and mystical powers live some very unique woodland creatures. Among them is a squirrel named Merle, a skunk named Hunk, and a bunny named Sonny. The legend of the mountain protects all that live there, but it doesnt keep the boys from exploring and going on exciting new escapades. Together they keep life interesting and full of surprises with new adventures and unusual discoveries.
Tag along with them as they perform a heroic rescue, and sneak down to the city with their friend Jack. Find out about Sonnys funny camera scare and why skunks, coffee beans, and chili dont mix. You will meet Claire the bear and her unusual cubs, Hub and Bub. Their special antics are ones youll want to hear about time and time again. See what couple is known for their joke-telling abilities and why they all speak the same language.

Join the fun and laughter in this fast-paced adventure and find out why their mountain is so special.

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