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A View from My Perspective

The Photo Journal of a Two-Year-Old
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Yzabella Skye Younger
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Through their innocent eyes, children have always found the greatest pleasure in small things. Two-year-old Yzabella Skye Younger is no exception. Prompted by nothing but curiosity and a desire to alleviate her boredom, one day the two-year-old surprised everyone around her and found a way to allow others to view her unique perspective on life.
Yzabellas year-long photographic journey began in the front of church at her baptism when she unintentionally started snapping pictures of herself while examining the camera on an iPhone. She vacationed in Sayulita, Mexico, and traveled from St. Louis, Missouri, to St. Martin, West Indies, to Grenada West Indies, and finally to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Along the way, Yzabella captured significant moments through the camera lens as her outlook on her surroundings grew and changedright along with her.

A View from My Perspective presents a collection of photographs that vividly portrays our world through a toddlers eyes and reminds all of us to rediscover the simple joys in life.

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