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Mari’S Miracle

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Betty Ann Taylor
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On a cool, autumn day in Canada, a tiny egg hatches under a milkweed plant. As Mari the caterpillar is born, she is surrounded by beautiful monarch butterflies that gracefully soar around the orange blossoms. Mari can hardly wait until she grows big enough to have wings to fly!
It is not long before Mari grows large and gets very tired. She spins a chrysalis and slips inside, falling into a deep sleep as her body begins to change. As soon as she awakens, Mari unfolds her orange and black wings, dries them in the sun, and begins flying from flower to flower. Soon, it is time for her to catch a current and embark on a magnificent migration that will take her more than two thousand miles over New York City to the hills of West Virginia and finally to a mountain in Mexico where the circle of life begins once again.

Written in both Spanish and English, Maris Miracle tells the delightful, educational, and touching tale of a migrating monarch butterflys adventures, seeking to encourage learning and good stewardship of our planet.

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