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Sherri Sue Fisher
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Have you ever wondered if there were secrets to losing weight?
Learn how to eat what you want and have it be what you need!

Learn how to lose weight and enjoy your life!!

Keep the weight off with simple guidelines you can follow forever!!

From the author:

I know what it takes to not only lose the weight--I know what it takes to keep the weight off! And isn't that what it's all about? Surely you know someone who has worked hard to lose weight only to gain some or all of it back. How and why does this happen? We will go over this and more! We can create our own future and not be defined by our past. I hope you take this journey to become the best you, you always knew was possible.

As always, enjoy the journey!

Sherri Sue Fisher

Diet books can be preachy and discouraging in pushing grueling rulesTimerDiet instead offers simpler ideas for dropping pounds by learning to listen to your body to determine what it needshers instructs readers not to count calories or measure the quantity of food eatenonly to eat to the point where they are "comfortable"Daily journals logging thefoods consumedher websiteprint out pages for this taskhelpful menu-planning ideashow to eat and exercise whileon vacation or during holidayswritten in a personable and friendly manner,offers direction without being overwhelmingOverall, the book is clear and informative and worth a look by those in relatively good health who need to lose weightblueink review

"A relatively sensible if not entirely originaldiet bookFisher provides a solid foundation for the mental part of losing weight using a system of journaling, timed snacks, makeoversof the wardrobe, kitchen and pantryand strategies to help work through stress, discouragement, jealousy, insecurities( from partners or friends, too) , and even occasions such as parties and holidays that may arise on the journey. Her emphases on ease and satisfaction are key; Fisher knows that few are likely to succeed if a diet is joylessthis guide offers a commendable introduction to navigating the pitfalls of dieting." Kirkus Reviews

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