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Sapsucker Blues

The Story of an Endearing Family of Great Blue Herons
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Anita Schmidt-Kyanka
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High above Sapsucker Pond, a male great blue heron returns to his nest for the third year in a row. Together, he and his mate set out on a splendid adventure. In a nest as large as your bed, Mama Heron lays five beautiful blue eggs; people watching the live streaming video call the last one Fiver.
But now they face dangers, including a blizzard in April and a hungry owl attack. Mama and Papa Heron work hard to bring their chicks into the world, and Fiver finally hatches. The herons grow too big for the nest and must learn to fly and hunt. After her siblings have learned how to fly, Fiver must leap from the nestfifty feet off the ground. Can she do it?

This educational wildlife tale describes the extraordinary lives of a family of great blue herons. Author and teacher Anita Schmidt-Kyanka follows their day-to-day events and challenges. Her original watercolor illustrations immerse children in the beauty of nature.

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