Voice of Pedagogy
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Voice of Pedagogy

What Teachers Really Want to Say and What Americans Need to Know About American Public Education
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Otto E. Arschdorn
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Our president knows it, our parents know it, and our children know it: education is the single most important key to achieving success in todays competitive world. In this handbook, a seasoned professor combines ideas from teachers across the nation with research and insight gathered from his own classroom experiences to share a compelling narrative on what works and does not work in todays public education system.
Dr. Otto E. Arschdorn, who taught in Germany and the United States, offers a provocative perspective on American public education that he hopes will become a wake-up call that our system of learning needs to be transformed. As he examines life inside the classroom, Dr. Arschdorn offers thoughtful opinions on

teaching methodologies that work in the classroom;
ways to motivate unmotivated students;
why schools should consider implementing a three-branch educational approach;
how to stop disenchanted parents from taking control; and
why critical thinking and problem solving are at the center of academic existence.

Voice of Pedagogy provides a platform for American teachers to offer ideas for positive change in our public school system so that we can meet the educational challenges of the future and continue to be a country of free thinkers.

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