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A New Beginning
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Huda Ayaz
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Samantha Ringle is your average fourth graderor so you might think. She loves winter and all it brings: fluffy snowflakes, warm clothes, igloos, ice skating, cocoa, and snowball fights with friends. But in a heartbeat, everything she thinks she knows about winter will change.
Samantha has just made a new frienda snowflake fairy princess named Rebecca who needs her help. In her home world of Freeze-Land, life was once joyful, and laughter rang through the streetsuntil the darkest day in its history, when Santa Claus died in a freak accident.

Now an evil warrior named Lord Ninstragger is in charge. A dark sun shoots dark rays into a sky filled with tiny black rocks and even black snowflakes. Everywhere she looks, she sees darkness and danger. Goblins blow fountains of smoke, working with black rain clouds to keep out the light. Lord Ninstragger wants the world to be as sad as it can be, and hes succeeding.

If there is any hope that joy can return to their world, the Freezians know they need a champion, and Samantha is just the girl for the job. Shes filled with confidence that she can save her friendbut will her confidence and new superpowers be enough to save her friends world? Six earlier champions have failed, and Samantha is Freeze-Lands last hope. Can Samantha defeat Lord Ninstragger and his ninstings?

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