The Death Watch
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The Death Watch

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Chris Philpott
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In this fast-paced adventure, a teen on the run years after the zombie apocalypse finds herself in grave danger when she discovers a stunning truth that might be the key to humanitys survival.
Twelve years after the dead rose and civilization ended, Vera White and her family remain hidden deep within the woodsand not just from the dead. Seemingly destined to a life of solitude, sixteen-year-old Vera and her family rarely venture outside their safe zone. But when their food supply runs short, Vera decides to take her younger brother on his first hunt, where she makes a shocking discovery: Josh seems to have power over the dead.

Veras discovery sets a wild chain of events in motion that throws their family into turmoil and provides Vera with her first glimpse of the bizarre new world that has evolved outside the woods. After she meets Hayden James, a young soldier who is her guide in discovering this world, new questions arise. Can she can trust Hayden? Are the dead changing? Why is the military so interested in her family? What is the Crones Prophecy? And why is everyone she loves keeping secrets?

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