Meghan’S Journey
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Meghan’S Journey

The Story of Meghan Redenbach: the Teenage Girl Who Showed a Community How to “Man Up” in the Face of Cancer
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Nancy Redenbach
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Meghan Redenbach was thirteen years old when she was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma, an extraordinarily rare form of ovarian cancer. At the time her tumor was identified, she was one of the thirty documented cases in the United Statesand one of only two children. Her physical life came to an end on Christmas Eve, two years after her initial diagnosis. One of her goals was to write a book so she could help more people.
Meghans Journey tells the story of her life, her diagnosis, her treatment, her death, and the powerful support of a community, friends, and family. This memoir combines Meghans words with journal entries her mother, Nancy, made throughout the journey, showing Meghans remarkable strength and courage in the face of illness. Evident throughout are Meghans kindness, her exuberant love of life, and the lessons she taught about how to live and make the most of every moment.

An emotional, true story, Meghans Journey serves to inspire others and give them the strength, hope, and the courage to confront lifes seemingly insurmountable challenges.

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