Claire Rabbit and the Case of Flicker’S Broken Arm
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Claire Rabbit and the Case of Flicker’S Broken Arm

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Rebekah Anekwe
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Flicker is a happy squirrel who loves to play in Mrs. Walkers backyard with his best friend, Harold. They have so much fun stealing her birdseed and trampling all over her flower beds. But one day, Flicker slips off a wet roof and breaks his arm. Thank goodness Harold is there!
After Harold helps Flicker up, he takes him to the kindly Dr. Owl, who takes an X-ray and puts a cast on Flickers arm. Harold takes good care of Flicker by fluffing his leaf blanket and giving him nuts and fruit. After a month, Flicker has his cast removed and goes to see Claire Rabbit, who is an occupational therapist. She knows how to help him move his elbow again. But there is only one problem: Flicker is scared!

Claire Rabbit and the Case of Flickers Broken Arm is the tale of a squirrel who must do everything he can to heal his broken arm so he can go back to having fun again.

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