The Four Lost Chicks
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The Four Lost Chicks

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Yvonne Angelastro
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A little girl and her grandmother love sharing the daily ritual of feeding the animals on the family farm. One day, the girls grandmother takes a handful of corn from her big apron pocket and scatters it on the ground. Together, they begin calling, Come Chick! Chick! Chick! As the roosters and hens come running, the grandmother notices something is different with one of the hensRosie is not her usual self.
Rosie seems frightened, and she has only one of her chicks with her. Where have the other four chicks gone? As Grandma and the little girl walk around the farm, they soon realize that all the ducks, pigs, and goats seem to know something they are not telling. Sadly, the chicks are nowhere to be found. As they call and call, the grandmother and her granddaughter do not give up. They must find those chicks!

This story takes children on a quest through the farm to find the answer to a puzzle so they can return four little chicks to their mama.

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