Shopping for College
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Shopping for College

How to Get What You Really Want
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Douglas Dix
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In order for college students to get what they really want, they need to start pursuing their passionsand friends and family members need to support them in that pursuit. Douglas Dix, PhD, a longtime college professor, takes on the modern higher education system in this guidebook that focuses on being authentic. Instead of studying a subject that guarantees a high-paying job, he pushes a radical idea: Do what you want to do.
Students that follow their curiosity wherever it leads will be better equipped to

work for companies founded on ethical business principles;

advance the causes of liberty and justice for all;

derive lasing satisfaction from helping people in need.

The words that matter the most often go unheard from high school guidance counselors or at prospective campuses. Get the advice that can make the greatest difference as you search for the best school for yourself or a loved one in Shopping for College: How to Get What You Really Want.

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